International Science Slam

An English language Science Slam will take place during the International Teaching Staff Week!

Entrance fee: 4€, half-price for Kellerclub members
Admission from 8pm

What happens at a science slam?

Science slams offer young scientists an opportunity to present their research topics in an entertaining 10-minute talk.

As opposed to a poetry slam, the speaker can use any means he deems necessary: Powerpoint presentations, props or live experiments are welcome! The audience decides who will be the winner of the slam.

Science slams aim to encourage scientists to explain their work in vivid, descriptive ways that are easily understood. At the same time, they can even get people alien to the subject interested. Although the talk's focus is on research, the scientific value of it plays a minor part. It is much more important to present the scientist's research topic in an easily understandable, entertaining way to demonstrate what academics work on in their labs and libraries.


Termine in Clausthal-Zellerfeld

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